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Colorz Box, Storage Case

Colorz Box, Storage Case

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Colorz Box, Storage Case


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Product Description

  • HARD OUTER SHELL - Durable pencil box with a hard, protective shell. Measures: approx. 8.2 inches (210 mm) x 3 inches (75 mm) x 5.3 inches (135 mm.)
  • DURABLE - We use high quality materials and sturdy zippers to give you a practical pencil case that can stand up to everyday use.
  • VERSATILE- Holds up to 60 pens and pencils! It can also store your scissors, sharpeners, crayons, markers, and more.
  • STYLISH PATTERNS - Bold geometrics, lively patterns and a zebra print - choose your favorite to give or keep!
  • EASY CARE- Your Colorz Box can be zipped up and put in the washing machine on gentle cycle (max temp.30°C/86°F.)
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY - Register on our website and we’ll give you a full Lifetime Warranty against manufacturer defects.
  • Bursting with bold colors and striking patterns is our popular Colorz Box - a hard shell pencil case that can hold so much more than just pencils! Store school/office supplies, your cell phone, electronics, cosmetics and more. Only high quality materials are used to create this stylish and practical, storage box.

    The Colorz Box easily holds up to 60 pens and pencils, but we encourage you to use your imagination and use it to store other things like:

    • Cell phone
    • Electronic accessories
    • Office/school supplies
    • Cosmetics and more!

    Keep all your essentials organized and exactly where you need them, day in and day out. From the vivid red interior to the hard shell exterior, this is one clever product with as many uses as you can think of.

    Customer Reviews

    Sturdy, pretty, and versatile Review by Claudiahb
    Overall Rating
    I love this little storage case, I bought two more after receiving one free to review. I was surprised how roomy, and sturdy this case was, and even after a few weeks of throwing it around, the colors have not faded, the case has not broken, and it still looks like new. I am going to give this little gem as presents this holiday season (filled with cool stuff of course), instead of the tradtional holiday stocking! B (Posted on 10/5/2016)
    So Roomy! Review by Silvie
    Overall Rating
    I am addicted to coloring in those adult coloring book. They are a great way to winding down at the end of the day. Because of this addiction I have quickly acquired tons of coloring pencils, markers and gel pens. So my need of finding storage for these coloring things. After a long time trying to decide on the perfect one, I chose the pink one. I immediately fell in love with this box when I saw it! For starters I like that it fits so many pencils!!! I also like that it has a hard shell, so it doesn’t lose its shape. I also like that because the top is domed just like the bottom, tons of things fit! (Posted on 6/25/2016)
    So Roomy! Review by SilvieMSLG
    Overall Rating
    Those who know me (or follow me on social media) know that I am addicted to coloring in those adult coloring book. They are a great way to winding down at the end of the day. Because of this addiction I have quickly acquired tons of coloring pencils, markers and gel pens. So my need of finding storage for these coloring things. When I heard of the ZIPIT Colorz Box Storage Case I could not wait to see it. I really liked the designs and colors that ZIPIT has to choose from. After a long time trying to decide on the perfect one, I chose the pink one.
    I immediately fell in love with this box when I saw it! For starters I like that it fits so many pencils!!! I also like that it has a hard shell, so it doesn't loose its shape. Even though I won't be storing tape in it I wanted to place it inside and show you in a picture so you can get an idea of how roomy it is. I also placed a gel pen, regular pen, highlighter and a marker. I still had tons of room. I also like that because the top is domed just like the bottom, tons of things fit! (Posted on 6/23/2016)
    box it up Review by we used that
    Overall Rating
    Loving this box! It holds a 50 count of colored pencils perfectly. With a little room to spare! This is great for travel as it wont break open or crack like plastic cases, and it is sturdy enough to keep on your lap or desk in the car, or on the plane. A must have for those into adult coloring books, and need a fun storage idea for their art supplies. I also am considering another one to use as a makeup case. I think these would be amazing for travel, or for your every day makeup. Such a perfect size. Kind of obsessed with the color as well. Bright and fun. I have the Colorful triangles and its even better in person then it is on the site.

    I would definitely recommend this if you're looking for a new art case (or makeup case) for yourself or for your kids.

    I received this item at a deep discount in exchange for my honest opinion. All opinions are my own. (Posted on 6/22/2016)
    A Colorful, Sturdy Box With Many Uses Review by The Happy Clown With A Frown
    Overall Rating
    This is a neat box that can be used not only as a pencil box, but for many different things. I received the Zipit ColorZ Storage Box at no cost in order to review and I have been using in a number of ways. It has come in handy to carry my small tin that holds my tweezers and nail clips, my extra flash drives, a nail file and other small essentials. I have used it to carry my extra lends and some of my camera accesories when I didn't want to carry my large camera bag. It has also been handy for carrying our phone accessories and charging cables so they wouldn't get tangled.
    I chose the purple box and I love the bright, happy colors. The box has a zipper that opens on three sides, allowing the box to be fully opened so it can lay flat and not tip over. It is a semi-hard shell case so it is strudy and strong, but not absolutely crush proof. It is lined in red material that is felt-like. The box is about 2 1/2 inches deep so there is plenty of room. You can store many things from crayons, pencils, craft supplies, sewing supplies, paint brushes, a manicure kit, crochet needles, stickers, or small toys. This is a storage box that can can be used by anyone, for just about any purpose they might need. (Posted on 6/18/2016)
    Nice box for storing pens, pencils, etc. Review by Lesa
    Overall Rating
    This is a nice storage box for kids, teens, and adults alike. Kids and teens will love taking all their supplies to school with this colorful zippered box. Easily store your pens, pencils, art supplies, etc in it and not worry about it popping open. Bright cheery colors and easy to clean. I was provided a sample of the product for my honest unbiased review. I test each and every product I review. Good or bad, my opinions are from my own experiences with the product and may not always be the same as another person however they are never influenced in any way. (Posted on 6/18/2016)
    Well made sturdy case, useful for so many things! Review by FashionBlawger
    Overall Rating
    I initially wanted this case for my gel pens. The colorful pattern jumpstarts my creative juices so I decided to use this durable zippered storage case for my acrylic paints. -It'll help me make sure I clean off my acrylics after use, because I wouldn't want to damage this case! I also went with it because it is sturdy enough that I trust that even if the case gets into my pet's paws, he won't be able to get to my paints!

    I received this case on promotion in exchange for my honest review. And the case and company exceeded my expectations. My mailman lost the original package so I got to see how quickly and efficient the customer service is. (Posted on 6/13/2016)
    This case is perfect for all your needs! Fits a lot and looks great! Review by ChaChaFance
    Overall Rating
    This small storage box is one of the cutest and most durable I've seen. You can't help but notice the fun, colorful design on it. The strong zipper keeps everything secure - no need to worry about it getting stuck or not being able to zip up at all when completely full.

    I can see this being used for so many things since it’s quite large for a small box (yes, I mean that, lol). It will also complement any desk, table, vanity, you name it. If you’re an organization freak like me, then you’ll probably want a few of these on hand.

    Currently, I'm using this to store my small essential oil bottles because I have SO many of them and nowhere to put them. I'm also happy that it comes with a warranty! t must be a good product if they’re willing to give you a full Lifetime Warranty against manufacturer defects, right!??

    One word: Awesome.

    A free item was provided for evaluation and unbiased review. (Posted on 6/12/2016)
    Love this Zip Colorz Box Review by Momma4life
    Overall Rating
    I am loving these Zipit Colorz Jumbo large storage box. You can put anything your heart desires evrything from makeup, crayons, color pencils, and I have been using my gel pens with them. They were a perfect fit. Inside it has plenty of room for that. And so much more. The possibilities are endless. I love the one I got was the zebra one and it has a red cloth material inside.

    Disclaimer I received this product for free or discounted for my honest opinion. (Posted on 6/11/2016)
    zipits colorz box Review by sdwyatt
    Overall Rating
    I used the box to store colored pens, pencils and chalk markers. The box has a lot of room and easy to clean when needed.

    I received this in exchange for honest review (Posted on 6/9/2016)
    Great product - nice colors - durable Review by Kaisy
    Overall Rating
    One of the things I like to do to relax is color in all those great new adult coloring book. The problem is I had no place to put my colored pencils or gel pens - once you open the pack they are all over. That is why I love this new ZIPIT Colorz Box #ZIPITColorzBox. It can hold around 60 pens or pencils. Look at how pretty it is! I love the bright colors. You can get it in 6 different colors and designs.

    It is a great storage box with a hard shell that protects what you have in it. That also makes it durable so it should be able to take a bit of a wear and tear. You could use it for all kinds of things like your make-up or cell phone. Even carry snacks in it! Not only is it versatile you can even put it in the washer on gentle! (Posted on 6/8/2016)
    Playful and Roomy storage case! Review by KnowItAllPhD
    Overall Rating
    Really awesome case for your little ones for storing their pencils, pens, erasers, scissors etc. Generous size that can hold most of the essentials. The gard case will ensure that the colors dont break etc. Will really recommend this to anyone! will definitely be a hit for back to school! I'll highly recommend the product. I received this product at promotional price in return of my honest unbiased review - this is my honest review after extensively using the product. Would recommend regardless. Let me know if this review helped you!
    (Posted on 6/6/2016)
    Great quality, awesome price! Review by Amy
    Overall Rating
    I received the Zip It Colorz Box for test and review purposes.

    That being said, my reviews are always hones and for the life of me I honestly couldn't find anything I didn't like about this box. From the colorful design to the very durable make of it. My daughter uses it for her drawing and coloring supplies, but it's made well enough that I could use them to store cosmetics, and even electronics/headphones etc. For the price they offer this, and the fact that they also offer a lifetime warranty, I think it's a great find. I'll be ordering more of these for school this fall, and probably one of my own to store my crochet hooks. Very highly recommended. (Posted on 6/6/2016)
    Great quality, awesome price! Review by Amy
    Overall Rating
    I have tried to think of all the pros and cons on this case, and in all honesty I have nothing bad to say about it. I was pleased with the bright colors, the quality, and how durable this case is. My daughter is using it for her coloring and drawing supplies right now, but I could easily use it for things like cosmetics and even electronics. For the price of this case and the fact that they offer a lifetime warranty, I think it's a great find. Will definitely be purchasing more in the future, and probably the backpacks next :) (Posted on 6/6/2016)
    Multitude of ways to use Review by chingpea
    Overall Rating
    This is the perfect size and stylish pencil case. My daughter very much loves this box and is looking forward to using it for the upcoming school year. In the meantime, I'm using it to store my reading glasses, lipstick and individually wrapped wipes so my glasses don't get scratched up in my purse.
    There are various ways I could use this handy ZIPIT Colorz Box. I would absolutely reccommend this item to family and friends.

    *I have received this product at a discount in exchange for an unbiased review. I was not compensated and all opinions are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.* (Posted on 6/5/2016)
    Love Love Love Review by Blacksheep Blogger
    Overall Rating
    When I first ordered my Colorz Box, I figured I would use it as a makeup box. But I just so happened to order this at the same time as colored pencils and gel pens and the packages they came in won't be good for long term use. I love to organize all my coloring utensils together so I figured this box would be perfect. And I was right. Everything fits in this box perfectly and I threw away the cardboard that the pens and pencils came in.

    I highly recommend this to anyone who needs a cute design box for storing anything. I measured by looking so I will say this box is about 9 inches in length, 5-6 inches in width and about 2 inches deep. You can use this for keepsakes or photos would fit perfectly. The box is firm yet still a little flexible and covered in a designed smooth material.

    I received the Zip It Colorz Box for test and review purposes. (Posted on 6/2/2016)
    Great Value Review by Suzie
    Overall Rating
    I am tired of pencil boxes that are made of plastic and crack and break. I ordered this for my 4th grader and she loves it. It is well made and will be different from all the ones other kids have next school year.

    Product was sent to me to test out as a blogger. (Posted on 6/2/2016)
    Perfect for my school supplies Review by SandysPOV
    Overall Rating
    My ZipIt Colorz Box in pink is perfect for my school stuff. The firm, zippered case holds more than the 7 highlighters, 6 pens & an eraser. I could put more stuff in it & still have room. Not only for pens and pencils, the Colorz Box would be a great case for travel to hold your makeup, jewelry, or other items that you might want to carry with you. Comes in 6 colors/patterns. (Posted on 6/1/2016)
    Awesome for your makeup & stationery Review by Phasion
    Overall Rating
    I absolutely love this pouch!! This pouch has tons of room for your stationery items to your makeup. I was going to use it to store some extra makeup but I am a total planner geek so I decided to store my pens, journal bands, book marks & decorative paper clips in there it also matches my journaling tote which is awesome! This case is soft to the touch but very sturdy. The inside is a nice soft cushion material so if your pouch drops whatever is inside is protected and most likely would not break. This is perfect for students as well around back to school time. The colors are really dope! I love it ! I received this item for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion. And I'm glad I did because I love it! (Posted on 6/1/2016)
    Very durable! Review by Sugar
    Overall Rating
    I simply love this hard storage box! It is very durable, and fits my precious Sailormoon Headphones perfectly! I like how festive the pattern looks, too! I am definitely glad that I received this item for free to review! (Posted on 5/31/2016)
    High Fives and fist pumps!!! Review by Doodlecraft
    Overall Rating
    This zipper bag is awesome. At first glance, it's all about the gorgeous fabric and bright colors. But it is so much more. It is a firm case with a high quality zipper. It is a great size and can hold all my traveling watercolor fun in one convenient pouch! It's perfect for pencils, pens or coloring pencils too. Well worth the price! (Posted on 5/27/2016)
    Great Value Review by Suzie
    Overall Rating
    In the past we have purchased several types of pencil boxes for school. The hard plastic ones break, the zipper pouches always have zipper issues, and the hard metal ones with locks are too heavy and they tend to lock themselves of of them. This one is perfect. The size is great, the zipper works great, and the colors are awesome. My 4th grader is looking forward to using it next school year. #productsentforreview (Posted on 5/26/2016)
    Much more than a pencil/pen organizer Review by zee
    Overall Rating
    This zippered storage is not only colorful and cute but it's very useful. It's great for it's intended purpose of holding pens and pencils and it can hold quite a few. It's also very useful for other things like holding makeup and usb cords and spare batteries and chargers and much much more. You can even use it as a case for your eyeglasses because it is lined with a soft felt inside that will prevent your lenses from being damaged. It's very roomy. The zipper works very well too. The casing itself is semi-firm so it will protect from some impact even though it's not a rugged style case and that's exactly what I need to store my makeup. There have been far too many times that someone has dropped or sat on my purse that holds my makeup and the cases and mirror crack inside. Since it's semi firm it prevents against that and also indicates to the person that something fragile may be inside. It's also very feminine and it comes in my favorite color; Purple! I received this product at no cost for testing purposes. I am posting an honest and unbiased review of the product. (Posted on 5/24/2016)
    Sturdy shell and fun designs! Review by Emma
    Overall Rating
    I got this with my daughter in mind, thinking she could use it as a pencil case. But now that I have it, I want to keep it! It's not made of hard plastic, but has a sturdy enough shell to protect whatever you want to store. The inside is cushiony and the zipper works easily (I think we've all had experiences with just-won't-work zippers!) It even holds my entire colored pencil collection - and that's saying something! Plus, I just love the design!
    Might have to get my daughter a 2nd one so I can keep this one for myself!
    (Posted on 5/22/2016)

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