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ZIPIT Code of Ethics

The ZIPIT vision is to revolutionize the way people carry their stuff while introducing fun, smart and fresh alternatives to the bags and cases market.

As in every revolution, frequent changes, growth, and transitions are all involved hence leaning on a solid base is crucial.

As Akiba Ben Mahalaliel (Jewish Mishnah) said: “Always look at three things and you will avoid from doing wrong: know where you came from, know where you are heading and always remember to who you will have to give account for your actions”.

The ZIPIT code of ethics expresses the most important fundamentals of our company with a clear goal to assure we stay on the right path during our magnificent journey.

  1. Be a Human Being

    First and foremost make sure you see the other person in front of you, listen to his needs and try to help him. Without listening and understanding you will never be able to create a real value for the other.

  2. Always Stay Humble

    Modesty is a virtue and the real expression of success.

  3. Lead with Example

    Leading by Integrity and example is the only way that will enable others to follow you. Without it your actions, requests, rules and policies will mean nothing.

    You will first lose your customers, suppliers and fans, and then you will lose yourself.

  4. Respect the Rules and Follow Them

    In order to operate a system that involves all our stakeholders (customers, suppliers, team members etc) we must assure that we cooperate with each other, follow and respect each other’s rules, country laws and regulations. Audits and inspections are tools that help us to achieve this goal.

  5. Safety Above All

    Creating a safe product or service is not a desired situation, it is a vital need.

    Safety doesn’t start and end with a safe product or service; It concerns to each one of us and the way we deal with each other. It includes those things we won’t say or won’t do to each other; It is based on the clear notion that everyone can be heard and say what they think without fear;

    Safety is an outcome of a process. Without assuring that the entire process is safe and sound, none of our goals can be achieved.

  6. Keep Improving

    Assure that you learn from yesterday and live for today.

    Remember to learn from your mistakes and keep improving for a better tomorrow.

    As Albert Einstein once said: “You never fail until you stop trying”.

  7. Always Be Truthful

    In all of our business dealings we will be truthful, even when it’s difficult.

     As a company that strives to do new things and to do them differently, mistakes and failures are part of the making process. It is our duty to make sure to fully reveal and report all information accurately and to deliver bad news as truthfully as good news.

  8. KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid)

    Make sure that you keep things simple. If it is the product you design, a manufacturing process you lead or in your communication with others.  “If you can't explain it to a six year old, you don't understand it yourself” (Albert Einstein).

  9. Stay Loyal

    By staying loyal to your friends and team members, and at the same time to your principles and virtues you will find your true home. Only then you will be able to bind people to your journey and become a real brand.

  10. Never give up

    Continuous effort - not strength or intelligence - is the key to unlocking our potential.Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts”.

    (Winston Churchill)

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