We believe that with the right set of tools
and a dash of inspiration everything is possible!

Learn how to draw anything you want in 5 easy steps!

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We believe that
with the right set of tools and a dash of inspiration everything is possible!

Learn how to Draw anything
you want in 5 easy steps!

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You can learn to draw anything in 5 easy steps. The ZIPIT Drawing Easily technique makes learning to draw simple and fun! Select your favorite title or collect them all. Which one will you choose?


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With a variety of exciting activities and a unique theme, each ZIPIT Activity Book provides plenty of inspiration for the whole family! Choose your favorite or collect them all. There’s a whole new world waiting for you to explore in each ZIPIT Activity Book.


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Want to see how easy this really is? Check out these awesome videos showing Amit Offir drawing a horse, a blowfish and much more…

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5 Steps of Drawing Easily technique


5 Steps of Drawing Easily Technique

  • Always start with the eyes

    Always begin with the eyes because they are the character’s most important feature.

    Once you draw the eyes, it will be easy to draw in all other details around them. With a few simple lines added to the eyes, you can give your character different expressions very easily.

  • Next, draw the nose and mouth

    Find the lower part of the eyes where they connect. This is where you will draw the nose and mouth.

    You can create a unique character just by drawing a different nose and mouth. A giraffe one day can easily become a dragon or a mouse the next. Make your creature laugh, cry or look surprised just by adding a few simple lines to the mouth. That’s the fun part of the ZIPIT Drawing Easily technique!

  • Now draw the face

    You will now draw all the remaining lines to complete the face.

    You can draw different styles of hair, a funny chin and decide if the face is going to be narrow or wide, round or pointy. These small changes will help you create a variety of different characters. Each one will look completely different, yet all of them will be drawn in the same basic way.

  • Next, draw the body

    Begin by drawing the body parts closest to you (the closest legs for example) only then will you draw the parts that are further away (the back legs).

    This will make your character look 3 dimensional. In this step, you can choose to draw a body that’s big or small, long or short – making your character new and different every time.

    In this part we can also decide to draw a big or a small body, long or short – making our character different each time

  • Finally, add all the finishing details

    It’s time for some final touches!

    You can change your creature’s expression, add accessories (a hat, earrings and clothes), and decide on a background. The more details you add to your drawing, the stronger your story will be. By changing the weather, placing your character in the desert or out in space, you can tell a fascinating story just by using simple lines and shapes that anyone can draw!

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