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An English rocker known to break hearts - and guitars.

Ace is an old school rockstar with of millions screaming fans from London to LA.

Always armed with an attitude and red bandana, Ace doesn’t mess around on or off the stage. He thrives in the limelight, but paparazzi beware: if he’s not in the mood to be photographed, his guitar might become a weapon. Some call him the best rock star in the world. He calls himself a legend.

Prom queen, selfie-expert and the go-to girl for gossip.

If you’re wearing last season’s shoes, Sky will know it. And she’ll probably tell you so.

Sky’s queen bee, and all of her girlfriends come to her for the latest gossip, not to mention totally fab fashion advice. Her bubble gum always matches her lip gloss, and she’s always ready for her closeup.

The only thing he loves more than his dumbbells are his biceps.

Volt is a bodybuilder who starts his day with a protein shake and ends it with 100 pullups.

He once threw an SUV 4 feet just to prove that he could. Volt doesn’t like the word “work” unless “out” comes after it. He loves fitness competitions and tells all the ladies that he’s placed 1st in every one he’s ever entered.

An untameable beast who’s half-pet, half-Tarzan.

At heart, Grizzle is a tasmanian devil who spends his days doing his best impression of a human.

You’ll always know when he’s hungry. Grizzle might not say “thank you,” but he’ll never hide his excitement during feeding time. If you keep him in his cage for too long, this little devil’s bound to break out and make a run for it.


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