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  • Monstar Lunch Bag

    Monstar Lunch Bag

  • Monstar Mini Shoulder Bag

    Monstar Mini Shoulder Bag

  • Monstar Pencil Case

    Monstar Pencil Case

  • Monstar Mini Pouch

    Monstar Mini Pouch

  • Monstar Jumbo Pencil Case

    Monstar Jumbo Pencil Case


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Talking Monstar
During the school day, these Monstars live inside your bag guarding your supplies. After school, they come alive! When you download the free ZIPIT Monstar App, your Monstar will talk to you, tell you jokes and pose for photos. You can even train your Monstar to repeat what you say or play a game with you. Share your recordings and photos with your friends! As always, each Monstar is made of one long zipper so you can unzip the fun!

The ZIPIT Monstar App Lets your Monstar:

  • Talk to you & tell you jokes.
  • Play a game with you.
  • Pose for photos you can share with your friends on Facebook or simply save to your photo gallery.
  • Record and repeat anything you say in 3 different pitches, and share your recordings on social media.
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