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ZIPIT Drawing Easily Gives Back!

We believe that with the right set of tools and a dash of inspiration, every young person can live up to his or her full creative potential.
As a company, we are determined to do our part to provide the resources and inspiration to everyone.


ZIPIT Drawing Easily

ZIPIT Drawing Easily technique teaches people of all ages how to draw anything in 5 simple steps. Used by hundreds of thousands of people around the globe, ZIPIT Drawing Easily is a step-by-step guide into the fascinating world of drawing. The technique was developed by world renowned comic artist and author, Amit Offir and ZIPIT. Click here to learn more.

This year, our goal is to provide 1,000 children the opportunity to improve their drawing skills in a fun and easy way and to ignite their imagination and creative talent while using our technique.



Tour 1 - Mozambique

As part of our giving back initiative, Amit began his African tour in June 2016 and spent 3 months in Mozambique. While on tour, Amit hosted Drawing Easily seminars in local schools and various locations to teach his technique and introduce people to the wonderful world of drawing. Every participant in the seminar was given a free ZIPIT Drawing Easily book. In addition, ZIPIT and Amit have created free video content to supplement the lessons and provide extra opportunities for the participants to practice and improve their newfound skills.

Stay tuned for our next tour!

You Can Now Take Part As Well! 

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Special Offer: Book an Exclusive Seminar with Amit Offir 

Let Amit come to you! Amit will be happy to host a free seminar with children in your area which will include free ZIPIT Drawing Easily books for everyone in attendance. Please contact us for more details about this exciting educational opportunity at: [email protected] 


Thank you!

Whether you book an exclusive seminar with Amit or choose one of our packages, we are grateful for your help and excited to work on this important initiative with you. Together, we can help even more children reach their full potential!

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